Professional American Teeth Whitening

Professional American Teeth Whitening
Professional American Teeth Whitening

Professional American Teeth Whitening

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POSSIBLE DUO OFFER-> 100€ per person instead of 130€ (To book a duo, please contact us privately at +32 498/69.62.91 or on our social networks (instagram/facebook) @Kdbrillance

American Teeth Whitening

American teeth whitening, as its name suggests, originated in the United States and is a method that has been around for more than ten years but is only now beginning to meet with strong demand.

What exactly do we offer?

First, the possibility of being comfortably seated in our massage seats for almost an hour of relaxation.

A huge experience in the field with today several thousand customers who have passed through the door of our salon.

The classic formula is intended for 90% of the population who want to whiten their teeth and quickly.

The price for teeth whitening in 2 sessions is €130 (duo offer €100/person)

Do we guarantee a result?

YES, provided you have real teeth at the visible part of the smile, you will always have a result (molars, premolars are not whitened)

However, we cannot guarantee the shade you will obtain after the 2 sessions. This of course depends on your starting shade and your daily lifestyle.

How many sessions do you allow per client?

At this level, we are very strict and firm. We agree to do MAXIMUM 3 sessions per client, per year.

Beyond the 3 sessions, a maintenance kit will be available directly in the salon if necessary.

The "Retouch" is only intended for customers who have already had their 2 sessions during the year and who would like to give their teeth a boost of radiance

*After your treatment, we will offer you 50% off your first kit (available in store or online)

For more information or an appointment, please contact us:

  • At 0498/69.62.91
  • Via instagram/Facebook @KDBrillance

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Professional American Teeth Whitening
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