American Teeth Whitening Training

American Teeth Whitening Training
American Teeth Whitening Training
American Teeth Whitening Training
American Teeth Whitening Training

American Teeth Whitening Training

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Possibility to do your training on Sunday too but for that, please contact us via one of the 3 contact methods:

  • Instagram/Facebook @kdbrillance
  • +32498/69.62.91

What are the different points covered during the training?

Before going into the details of the training, we would like to say that we are convinced that the training we offer you is the best on the French and Dutch-speaking market.

The training lasts an average of 5 hours for theory and practice. It can be done in the morning or in the afternoon.

During this training you will receive all the keys to getting started in tooth whitening and we also provide you with the starter kit allowing you to have an average of 20 clients

We cover the theory on tooth whitening:

  • Different types of bleaching (+ differences between them).
  • How to manage the type of products we use.
  • Procedure/protocols for treatment.
  • Legislation, getting started in the activity (complementary, full-time...)
  • Advice, contraindication, teeth whitening conditions...
  • Suppliers.
  • State of mind, procedure, habits...
  • Marketing
  • Various offers, price list
  • FAQ’s
  • ...

All the points covered are steeped in theories but also and above all, in our own experience, our difficulties, tips, a lot of advice and improvements that we have acquired over the months. The training is constantly evolving and we will not stop evolving and benefiting you . Everything is set up in this training to make your task as easy as possible, so that you are ready to start the activity as soon as you cross the exit of our center.

What exactly is in my starter kit?

Don't worry, we think we're extremely generous with your starter kit.

You have the possibility of making about twenty clients with the starter kit alone.If we base ourselves on the price that we practice in our living room: 130€ x 20 customers = 2600€ of turnover (without having to buy additional supplies)

Kit contents:

Basic Package

  • 1 Professional led lamp
  • 2 Whitening gel syringe
  • 4 Gum protection syringes
  • 1 Pair of UV protection glasses
  • 1 Mouth retractor
  • 100 Application Pens
  • 1 Aluminum tray for hygiene
  • 1 Protective mask
  • 1 Pair of Gloves
  • Your complete course syllabus
  • Your official KDBrillance certificate of aptitude

= Kit for +- 20 customers

Premium Package

  • Basic pack without the basic lamp
  • + 1 Two-tone Professional LED Lamp (blue / red) on Stand (Value €250)

Diamond Pack

  • Basic pack without the basic lamp
  • +1 Whitening Gel Syringe
  • +2 Gum Protection Syringes
  • + 1 professional tricolor LED lamp (blue/ red/ violet) on a high-end stand (Value 650 €)

= Kit for 30 +- customers

Are you reachable? Is there a follow-up after the training?

Obviously YES, first we take the phone number of all the people following the training You can always call us or send a message for your questions, orders, request for advice...

Then we have also set up a WHATSAPP group in French and Dutch so that you can ask us your questions or ask other people in the group who have encountered the same problem, same experience.. . That you. You can also give or receive advice, new methods... share your results, receive motivation, etc.

For more information or an appointment, please contact us:

  • At 0498/69.62.91
  • Via instagram/Facebook @KDBrillance

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Professional American Teeth Whitening
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American Teeth Whitening Training
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