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American Teeth Whitening 🇺🇸

Before we offer you a home teeth whitening kit, we specialize in professional American teeth whitening.

This service is still available in our salon and remains our priority.

What is Professional American Teeth Whitening?

The principle is very simple, relatively well known and extremely popular in this year 2021.

The first (easiest) step is to make yourself comfortable in our massage seats.

Then we put a protective barrier between your gums and the base of your teeth. The barrier hardens under the led lamp for 1 minute.

The next step is to apply our whitening gel to your teeth and leave this gel on for 20 minutes. To speed up and make whitening more effective, we use led technology. Our lamps are equipped with 3 different types of led light, blue light (classic), red light (for sensitive teeth) and purple light (to soothe sensations).

After the 20 minutes, we remove the remaining gel residue and repeat the previous step.

Finally, you rinse your mouth and the session is over.

This is a treatment to be done in 2 sessions (for an optimal and lasting result), to be done within a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 7 days. Each session lasts an average of 1 hour.

The price for teeth whitening in 2 sessions is €130 (duo offer €100/person)

Do we guarantee a result?

YES, provided you have real teeth at the visible part of the smile, you will always have a result (molars, premolars are not whitened)

However, we cannot guarantee the shade you will obtain after the 2 sessions. This of course depends on your starting shade. For older people, smoking a lot, drinking a lot of coffee/tea... It is almost impossible for you to claim the same result as a 20-year-old, with an irreproachable lifestyle.

How many sessions do you allow per client?

At this level, we are very strict and firm. We agree to do MAXIMUM 3 sessions per client, per year.

We refuse to go beyond these 3 sessions because we refuse to sensitize your teeth by abusing the treatment. That's why we've created this at-home teeth whitening kit that will perfectly maintain your brilliant whiteness.

*After your treatment, we will offer you a 50% discount on your first kit (available in store or online)

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