The "little" story

Who is behind KDBrillance?

The face of the brand, Kalista Dupan, a young woman full of dreams. She has always loved and had easy contact with people and that's why this first show sounded obvious. She is also the one who supervises and who is in charge of the community, of answering you, of the feed, of the stories... She is the one you will see most often at the show and probably she who will welcome you to s take care of you. For those who decide to train, they have the opportunity to be trained almost entirely by Kalista. Whether for theory and practice.

Her contact with clients is not her main strength, she can also be characterized by her ability to listen, her understanding and her humanism. A real relationship is created with each client who comes through our door and it is for her a philosophy of life.

The man in the shadows, David Pangerl. Yes there is a man behind KDBrillance. 23 years old when it all started. Nothing predestined him to specialize in dental whitening but his ambition has always allowed him to seize the slightest opportunity that presented itself at some point in his life without the slightest fear of failure or even daring to imagine a possible failure and we are convinced it is their determined, daring, sociable and creative mentalities that have made the difference with the competition.

How lucky he was?

Find a woman crazy enough to agree to invest 2000% in this project. She has evolved enormously in her contact with people by going door to door to beauty salons across Belgium to sell a magnetic face mask from the brand that David and his brother had created a little before (BeautyBroz).

The day it all started...

A common dream, an ambition, unfailing determination, work (a lot)... A REALITY

This dream? Enable everyone to have a bright smile without necessarily having to pay thousands of dollars to achieve it.

How? in a word. KDBrillance. A smile for everyone, simply.

We hadn't planned to implement dental whitening kits directly, but in view of the large number of requests we were receiving from you to maintain your whitening for as long as possible. We do not recommend any kits, coals or other products on the market because we could not direct you to ineffective or harmful products (out of professional conscience).

So that's how the sequel came about. Introducing the first KDBrillance teeth whitening kit. A product 100% dedicated and created for you and which might never have seen the light of day without you!

Our philosophy?

Make each customer a human being and treat each person as a whole person. We may not have arrived first on the dental whitening market, but we are convinced despite everything that we are number 1 in Belgium.

Why? Because we always strive to best meet your ever-increasing requirements and we always seek to improve and offer the best possible service (for example massage seats for whitening in our salon).

For the trainings, we have decided to stay very close to all our students via means such as a WhatsApp group (KD-Succes) availability by phone, messages, visits to the salon etc. After the training to answer your questions , restocking of products...

What's next?

We hope to offer you a wider range of products for your teeth whitening soon enough, to pass on our knowledge/skills, to remain an authentic company and we intend to do everything we can to maintain your trust. It is not a simple will. , a goal or a wish, it is the reason for our existence.


The rest of the story is being written day after day...